In Un-Filtered, a group of teens share their experiences with bullying, hate, and negativity, both on and off-line. Touching on topics of body image, disability, race, and sexuality, Un-Filtered is their experiences, in their own words. Watch season one, directed by Jonah Hill, below and on IGTV, now. For resources and to learn more about the issues discussed, scroll down for a list of organizations in your country.

Vega, Rebecca and Emma open up about body standards, and how society's expectations have shaped the way they see themselves and others. Directed by Jonah Hill.

When Loving Your Body is a Battle
When Banter Turns Bad

Monty, Travis and Derrick open up about how it feels when jokes go too far, online and IRL. Directed by Jonah Hill.

Alimasi, Destiny and Adan open up about feeling like targets for people's curiosity, both online and IRL.

When People Stare
When It Hurts To Be Yourself

Estefania, Kristian and Joshua open up about how it feels to receive hate online and IRL just for looking different. Directed by Jonah Hill.


If you or someone you love is going through a difficult time, please contact an organization that can provide the support you need.