Instagram is committed to fostering communities of support on the platform. These communities bring people together from all over the world, allowing them to connect and share their experiences. Programs like #KindComments, #HereForYou, #PerfectlyMe, Pride #RoleModels and #CaptureConfidence celebrate the support networks that are growing on Instagram.

#KindComments is a movement to spread kindness both on and off Instagram. The campaign captures a special moment of love, support, or visibility as people read aloud inspiring Instagram comments that others have left on their account.


#HereForYou highlights inspiring voices from the Instagram community who are using the platform to share their mental health journey, like @Elise.Fox whose story inspired @sadgirlsclub which now meets in real life to support teens.

#CaptureConfidence celebrates young women who are using the platform to exemplify confidence in a variety of ways, from taking risks to messing up and being ok with imperfection.

Pride #RoleModels

Pride #RoleModels celebrates five young LGBTQ activists by surprising them with a chance to meet in real life the people who inspire them on Instagram.

#PerfectlyMe, highlights young women and men from the Instagram community who are redefining body standards and building a culture of positivity.